hello, i am lisa

designer, host and chef living in berlin.

there are just so many things in life i am fascinated about: food, design, music, people and connection. too many passions to just follow one of them. so, i decided to combine them. i mean, why not?

in the end, everything i do is about the same: listening. welcoming. bringing together and connecting. creating beauty. sharing emotions. building trust. holding spaces. letting go. following that intuition and doing things differently. whether i host, cook, design or play music.


every day
i get up
to bring more
kindness, creativity
and beauty
to this world.

it took some time to accept my multi-passionate being and to follow the urge to let go of constraints that i had cultivated in my head for a long time.

after years of deconditioning, pivoting and reinventing myself, i realized the magic of walking a non-linear path and reminding the world of the creative force evolving from that.

now, i co-create and bring ideas to life that i am lit up and energized by. this allows me to take loving, inspired action and to uplift everyone around me with charisma, energy and passion.


let’s connect and co-create!