hello, i am lisa

chef, host and graphic designer living in berlin.

two things in life I am most fascinated about are food and bringing together people through food. for me, cooking is an expression of love, intuition, knowledge and harmony. it is this one thing that makes me forget about everything else. in the kitchen I am in flow; it is my playground, my meditation center and my favorite place to create.

I believe that if we understand that eating is so much more than just filling our stomachs, we can (re)connect to ourselves and allow food to be both our medicine and our pleasure.

every day I get up
to bring more
kindness, creativity
and beauty to this world.

even better than cooking alone is bringing together people at one table; creating spaces where everyone feels welcome and part of the whole. food is a beautiful tool to foster communication and interaction and has allowed me to connect to people from all over the world through cooking and eating together; and through sharing recipes and emotions. ever since, food has been the focus of my interest and has served as a beautiful catalyst for connection.

i am passionate about design, too

the other half of my time i love to spend as a graphic designer, illustrator and branding enthusiast. i am fascinated by colors, shapes and textures and create visual identities for people, brands, products or ideas. i listen to every story behind and transform it into an experience for our senses. i think from all angles and find peace in strategic harmony and esthetic balance.


let’s connect and co-create!