my dear friend noor and me, we both believe in the power of deep and meaningful connections to change our lives. this connection could be to people but also to oneself, a particular interest or passion, or to a place.

after the lockdown, the way we connect has taken a big hit. for some, it was positive, for others not. we want to do our part to ensure that connections not only survive but also thrive. And that this form of deep connection is not only reserved for friends, but also for strangers who in one night can turn into friends.

deutsche welle espanol visited us, have a look here!

perhaps the secret of living well is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.

that is why noor and me brought dinnerconnections to life. a special dinner series revolving around connection, the elixir of the human soul. an evening with people that do not know each other yet. a night in which we wish to establish a connection on 3 different levels, namely connection to ourselves, to others, and to food. a dinner where the food that we prepare is one of the main ambassadors of our mission and hence extra attention is paid to ensure that our ingredients are seasonal, local, and sourced sustainably, connecting us to our food and letting it be both pleasure and medicine.

and the tricky part? you can not buy a ticket for yourself! you can only give it as a present for a person you love or get surprised by one. giving without expecting a return. 

the dinner experience includes organic + local food as well as a beautiful selection of natural wines and gently guided impulses to dive deeper.

hit us up if you are interested via hi@dinnerconnections.org.