we – küyen
not food, but delicious: together with my collective + record label we-küyen, we create spaces for people to connect & grow through art, music, food, workshops and a record label. our last trick was the production of the music video for our latest song erre, a must watch!

my dear friend noor and me, we both believe in the power of deep and meaningful connections to change our lives. that is why we brought dinnerconnections to life: a special dinner series revolving around connection, the elixir of the human soul. find out more here!

supper clubs
our monthly dinner or breakfasts in casa britz have quickly become a tradition! we cannot wait to open the doors again soon and create spaces where we meet, consciously eat, share stories, and (re)connect with ourselves and the food that grows around us. have a look!


home is where my herd is
and this is not necessarily casa britz! together with my lovely friends of cookin’roll we can design a temporary home just everywhere and invite you to our dinner events, cooking workshops or a glühwein stand in front your office – in berlin, brandenburg or the baltic sea – with your friends, family or your company. just as many possibilities as moods exist – we are happy to co-create with you!

wild & root
since january 2020 I am part of the wonderful wild & root collective – a bunch of creative minds including designers, chefs, photographers, architects, biologists, nutritionists, journalists & illustrators. together we research in the world of food. we create concepts and content for brands, events, regional development agencies and education initiatives.

con sabor y saber
means translated „with taste and knowledge“ and is a program for deutsche welle that combines the concept of gastronomy with topics related to food, such as overfishing, the ecological impact of production or culinary traditions. leading its way is sabine hueck and for the third season I am part of the production team and more than happy about it!

urbanes landleben
in 2020, I teamed up again with my dear friend and amazing photographer carina adam to value and celebrate the cycle of food and to show that it’s not sacrifices we have to make in order to create change but rather emphasize on the fun and beauty conscious living brings to our lives! together, we create recipes of seasonal and locally grown vegetables from community supported agriculture and share stories of inspirational fellows in our food system.

cookbook „a pinch of home“
in 2016, I was part of something wonderful: I reached out to professional Michelin starred chefs and asked if they would like meet up with the chefs from our community to cook together and create recipes for a new book project. I was surprised that everyone said yes! a pinch of home is the result: a cookbook with new recipes and the documentation of a dialogue between cooking enthusiasts with different cultural backgrounds. chefs that contributed: Diego Muñoz, Sven Elverfeld, Michael Kempf, Micha Schäfer, Sabine Hueck, and more

cookbook „recipes for a better us“
in 2014, I co-created this very special cookbook with the aim to spread the vision of peaceful coexistence: we have documented the experiences from over 30 intercultural cooking encounters, recipes from all over the world and the very personal stories of people seeking asylum here in germany. may it inspire many more to connect with each other through food.

über den tellerrand
„we believe in people, personal encounters and the power of food.“ in 2014 I co-founded the beautiful organization that brings together people from all over the world by cooking and eating together. what has started with a cookbook and cooking classes has now become an international movement for diversity, tolerance, respect and togetherness.