Connect more powerfully with your community and your surroundings. Infuse your life and workplace with greater kindness, beauty, and creativity. Prioritize engagement and authentic human connection.

I am here to support you to build meaningful relationships and gatherings, reaffirm a sense of purpose, and create magic. Through transformational experience design, holistic business coaching and visual designs.



Experience Design

My expertise lies in designing memorable and purposeful group experiences, from immersive dinners and learning opportunities to conferences, team retreats, or workshops. Rather than simply creating for end-users, I work alongside you to develop moments and rituals that foster genuine connections. As a visionary guide and catalyst for creativity, I guide you, hand in hand with well-tested frameworks and methodologies, in shaping experiences that create the ideal environment for people and relationships to grow.


„Endless gratitude for you two beautiful souls. Thank you for creating and holding a beautiful – I even feel like I want to say sacred – space.“ 

Chelsea | University of Gastronomic Science of Pollenzo





Set Design + Branding
Aesthetics meets ethics – I believe in the magic that arises when creativity and sustainability are combined. My mission is to work together with beings that inspire me and to put the spotlight on those who do good for people and planet – with a design that captivates both eyes and hearts. My focus is on set design for food related projects and on graphic design and branding for any kind of business that aligns with my values.


By the way, the printed issue arrived yesterday. It turned out very chic. And there are already over 500 orders. So the start has already been very successful!

Sandra | Dein Erster Tag





Holistic Business Coaching

I believe that true magic happens when your inner and outer world are aligned to shape and grow your business. As your creative partner, I provide a comprehensive framework and accountability to help you realize your vision. Using guided questions and reflection techniques, we will explore your inner strengths and resources, as well as identify and overcome any obstacles standing in your way. Whether you’re seeking to clarify your purpose, set your goals, optimize your strategy, or work on your mindset, we will work together to devise solutions that fit your needs. More info…



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